but what you make others see.

art is not what you see,


James Taylor-Foster

James studies at Manchester School of Architecture as part of the Architecture of the Processional City atelier whilst writing and speaking on art and architecture. Publishing Michelangelo: the Man, his Works, his Legacy in 2010 and giving a lecture tour on Michelangelo in the Vatican, Monet: Colour in Impressionism was published in 2011. After being downloaded close to 28,000 times on the iBookstore between January and August 2012, a special edition of Monet: Colour in Impressionism for iPad was released in over fifty countries in the Autumn of that year. In early 2013 James co-founded Mies. UK [portfolio/AJ] with Arian Lehner, whilst co-founding and hosting Manchester's Before You're 30 events between January and December 2013 (portfolio). Formerly the President of the Manchester Student Society of Architecture, James is a Contributing Editor at ArchDaily - the world's most visited architecture website.

Mies. UK Trailer [12.13]

Before You're 30

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